Denysov M.O.

The Model of Optical Radiation Propagation in Tissue

The paper shows the relevance of developing the model of optical radiation propagation in tissue that will further implementatation of calculation engineering methods of optical radiation intensity distribution in tissues for surgical intervention or therapeutic effect. We propose the so called “three pulse” model of optical radiation propagation in tissue and method based on it. To calculate the coefficients of the model basic expression, we develop the three equation system. These equations describe the boundary conditions of optical radiation propagation in tissue.

Circuit Criteria of the Non-Imaging Fiber-Optic Systems Efficiency

The paper proposes the circuit criteria of NIFOS efficiency connected with the converter operators of energy and information system channels. We perform the analytical calculation of the proposed criteria by the ray-tracing method as well as by utilizing the specific software. These circuit criteria can be proposed as an instrument for NIFOS structural parametrical optimization. The use of proposed analytical circuit criteria allows not only promptly assessing the NIFOS technical realization efficiency, but also implementing the comparative analysis of competing NIFOS circuit designs.

A novel optical distal instrument for minimally invasive clinical medicine

The paper proposes two models of the novel midget optical distal instrument (ODI) for clinical use. These ODIs can function with standard endoscopic and laparoscopic equipment through their instrumental channels. Contact Taper-M ODI eliminates the optical radiation leakage through its side nonfunctional surfaces to minimize the radiation injury of sound tissues adjacent to the operation zone.

Clinical apparatus for photodynamic diagnosis of early cancer

In this paper, we investigate the technique for fluorescence diagnosis using the Ukrainian “Hyperflav” photosensitizer to differentiate healthy and affected sites of internal organs’ mucosa in the real time mode. It makes for providing an early treatment to prevent degeneration of these sites into oncological diseases.