Epik E.Ya.

Influence of Separation on Heat Transfer and Hydrodynamic of a Flat Working Surface of Heat Power Equipment

The results of an experimental study of heat transfer, friction, velocity and temperature characteristics as well as turbulence structure on the flat surface are presented for relaxation zone after a separation at free stream turbulence Tue≈0,2 % in the range of velocities 5–10 m/s. The type of a separation (laminar, transitional or turbulent) is adjusted by velocity, shape of an inlet edge of the plate and length of an interceptor, installed in the end of test section of the wind tunnel.

Structure of flow and heat exchange In channels of heatsinkers at cutting Of fins and their turns

This paper highlights the research results of the flow structure (distributors of time-averaged velocities and their fluctuations) and heat exchange for the interfin half-open channels at the optimum depth of cutting (hp/h = 0,6) and the turn of cut parts of ribs on φ = 10...30° angle. Moreover, we substantiate the direct correlation of heat exchange intensification and the growth of total flow disturbances of stream.