Lysenkov E.А.

Influence of Layered Nanofillers on Percolation Properties of Systems Based on Polypropylene Glycol and Carbon Nanotubes

By using impedance spectroscopy and optical microscopy methods the investigation of electrical properties of systems based on polypropylene glycol was conducted. It was shown that adding exfoliated layered fillers to the system shifts percolation threshold to low concentration of nanotubes.

Study of the effect of carbon nanotubes on the processes of ionic association in liquid polymer electrolyte polyethyleneglycol —LiClO4

By using Fuoss–Kraus theory and the conductivity data, we study the ion association in polymer electrolyte based on polyethyleneglycol, lithium perchlorate and carbon nanotubes. We also determine that the filler addition decreases the aggregation in the polymer electrolyte, which leads to the increase in the number of free ions, as well as to the conductivity growth..