Kornilovych B.Yu.

Cleaning of Contaminated Waters Against U and Cr Compounds Using Pillared Al- and Al/Fe-Clays

In this paper a comprehensive study of adsorption properties of modified clay minerals with polyoxocomplexes (POM) of iron and aluminium with regard to removal of heavy metal ions from an aqueous medium was carried out. To determine changes in structure characteristics of the intercalated minerals have been used methods of X-ray diffraction, nitrogen adsorption with calculated specific surface area and pore size distribution, as well as adsorption of Chromium (VI) and Uranium (VI) ions from aqueous solutions at various pH values.

Obtaining of straw pulps by peracetic pulping method of delignification

The paper studies the influence of the basic technological parameters of obtaining straw fibrous semifinished products by the peracetic method of delignification. Using the method of full factorial experiment, we obtain the regression equations of producing straw fibrous semi-finished products. Furthermore, we determine main kinetic characteristics of the delignification process of wheat straw

Structure Formation in Dispersions of Montmorillonite in the Presence of Quaternary Ammonium Salts

The aim is to study the influence of cationic surfactants – quaternary ammonium salts – for structure formation in montmorillonite suspensions by studying the rheological and colloidal-chemical properties of such systems. Relying on x-ray diffraction analysis we identify surfactant molecules close to a parallel position relative to the basal surface of mineral with the interlayer space of 1.6 nm. By using rheometry we obtain flow curves and corresponding values of boundary shear stress for dispersions of montmorillonite in the presence of cationic surfactants.

Structure Formation in the Ceramic Matrices for Immobilization of Wastes Substances

The paper studies processes of structure formation at heat treatment of purification wastes of radioactive cesium waters using sorbents based on clay minerals and zeolite. We define structural and mechanical properties of simples and find the optimum conditions of their heat treatment aimed at obtaining based on crystalline structures with the most effective physical and mechanical properties. We also investigate mechanical and chemical stability of ceramic matrices formation and also strength of commitment 137 Cs in them.

Remediation of the U(VI) Ions from Waters Using Organic Clays

This paper studies characteristics of sorption of anion and cation forms of uranium (VI), as well as uranium carbonate complexes. By modifying the natural clay mineral montmorillonite by cationic surfactant, we obtain sorbents for uranium remediation from waters. Relying on the methods of XRay diffraction, IR-spectroscopy, turbidimetry, and adsoption, we determine sorptive properties of the natural and modified samples. Furthermore, we prove the effectiveness of using these methods for uranium remediation from waters.

Sorption-reducing treatment of groundwater from uranium compounds

The paper considers the processes of sorptionreducing treatment of water polluted with uranium compounds by various active agents. Our research subject is groundwater selected from the hole near the tailing dump of waste of uranium ore processing from the East ore-dressing and processing enterprise situated near Zhovti Vody. To that end, we utilize the activated sludge of Bortnytska aeration station and Fe0 iron powder as active agents.