Kubrak A.I.

Synthesis of Control System on Integrated Quality criteria

The optimization algorithm of a digital control system on integrated quality criteria is considered. The offered algorithm allows to build parametrical synthesis of a digital proportional-integral-derivative control on integrated quality criteria. The integrated quality criteria of interrelation with character of transients in a control system is numerically investigated. Dependence of quality transients on the influence channel is shown. The examples realization offered algorithm are considered at modeling of transients in a control system.

Determination of the Object Dynamic Characteristics Based on Control System Dynamics

In this paper, we consider the algorithm for calculating the object dynamic characteristics in the automatic control system. Specifically, the algorithm allows obtaining numerically pulse and transitive characteristics of the process relying on the reaction of a control system on the task change. The algorithm of this problem solving can be numerically applied by employing the Duhamel integral. Moreover, we consider the sample of this algorithm program implementation when modeling transients in the control system.

Mathematical model of Thermal Mode Control of Extrusion Process of Polymeric Materials

The paper considers an extruder as an object of mathematical modeling. We address the issue of mathematical modeling of the thermal mode control of extrusion process of polymeric materials. Crucially, we develop a mathematical model, which takes into account basic factors, influencing the increase of work efficiency of the extruder.