Vozniuk A.S.

The research of means and development of component model of informationcommunication system of data analysis

We conduct the research of the existing methods and means of data processing and analysis. Specifically, we endeavour to formalize data processing and analysis. Through experiments performed, we develop the component model of informationcommunication system of data processing and analysis on the basis of the object-oriented approach.

Construction of the Metamodel Activity Based on A.N. Leontiev’s Activity Theory

In this paper, we utilize A.N. Leontiev’s activity theory to design the activity metamodel of extended human and organization systems. This metamodel demonstrates the place of policy, strategy and tactics in the activity and enables to represent subject-related aspects in this process. In addition, it can be used to get structural and dynamic representation of organization system and human activities, as well as applied in the design of information-communication systems.

Обобщенная модель цифровых сигналов в контексте паттерна проектирования MVC

A generalized model of digital signals in the context of pattern designing MVC
In this paper we define the criteria and classify the digital signals. Based on this classification, we propose the generalized model of signals in UML notation (class diagram). Moreover, we provide the consistency of the model with a principal paradigm of software development – pattern design “model– notion–controller”.