Grudska V.P.

Multifunction Transformer-Valve Converter for the Complex Power Quality Improvement of Three-Phase Systems with Variable and Nonlinear Load

This paper analyzes the design features and functional capabilities of the automatic filter-balancing device (AFBD) developed to ensure electromagnetic compatibility of the important electric energy consumers with the power supply, optimization of low-voltage distributive networks behavior, voltage and energy loss saving, complex power quality improvement.

Comparative Analysis of the Rectified Voltage Control System with Booster Transformers

The aim of the paper is to make the comparative analysis of the most promising rectified voltage control system layout modifications with booster transformers. We compare energy indices of various control systems and study the influence of zero sequence currents and voltages. We conclude that it is practically expedient to use the control system with the booster transformer whose secondary winding is connected to line wires of the main transformer delta-connected primary winding.

The Features of Voltage Control System with the Valve-Commutated Booster Transformer

The article considers the operating conditions of the valve-commutated booster transformer, intended for high-speed stepless three-phase voltage control. We show that the uncoordinated supply of control pulses determining moments of valves operation can cause the appearance of unallowable voltage or current values.