Iantsevitch C.V.

Physical and Chemical Conditions of Complex Saturation Carbon Steel 45 by Silicon and Chrome in Medium of Chlorine

The package of the applied programs with base of the thermodynamic data was used and the theoretical analysis of physical and chemical conditions of complex saturation carbon steel by silicon and chrome in medium of chlorine in the closed reactionary space was carried out at the lowered pressure of a gas phase. The influence of structure of initial components of a sating mix on equilibrium structure gas and condensed of phases of process chromosilicided is revealed.

The Heat Resistance of Diffusion Chromosilicide Coatings Applied on a Carbon Stells

The paper studies heat resistance and the mechanism of high-temperature oxidation of chromosilicide diffusion coatings applied on a surface of carbon steels by a gas method. We define the factors of influence on the process of high-temperature steels oxidation with the obtained coatings. The interrelation between the composition, the structure of diffusion layers and the speed of high-temperature oxidation is established. We show that the obtained coatings have a high heat resistance in an interval of temperatures between 623–1273 K.