Golub N.B.

Mathematical Simulation of Methane Production in the Fermentation Process

In this paper a mathematical model for the study of the process for producing the methane fermentation when the content of acetic acid changes in the fermenter, which is formed during the methanogenesis, was proposed. At the core of the mathematical model calculation there is the ideal mixing reactor theory. As a raw material for the production of methane by microorganisms a mixture of poultry manure and waste corn was chosen. The fermentation was performed under anaerobic conditions with the temperature 37±2 °С.

Effect of Alkali Metals Ions on Growth and Biomass Accumulation of Lipid (Metabolism) in Chlorella Vulgaris

In this paper, we analyze the influence of nutrient medium on the growth of algae biomass species Chlorella vulgaris. By employing methods of microscopy, one- and two-dimensional thin layer chromatography, as well as by using mathematical methods of interpolation and approximation of data, we show that reduction of nitrogen concentration, increase of salinity and concentration of potassium drastically decrease the biomass growth. The amount of lipids increases to 10–15 % under nitrogen deficiency, moderate salinity (2,5 g/l NaCl) and in the joint action of both factors.

Conditions of Formation and Structure of Biofilms

We analyze the conditions (temperature, рН, physical and chemical features of substrates structure, a liquid growth medium, a cell surface, mass-transfer processes) which influence the optimal development of a biofilm, including an anode biofilm formed directly on the anode of a microbial fuel cell (МFC). We define that the quality and properties of the biofilm influence an extracellular polymeric matrix and the presence of quorum-sensing between members of microbial community.