Polishchuk V.Yu.

Optimization of Reinsurance Strategies Using DSS

The basic purpose of the work is a study of existing approaches to reinsurance directed towards modeling of distribution and minimization of risk for an insurance portfolio, and forming a strategy for its optimal reinsurance using developed decision support system. A method for a search of optimal reinsurance strategy is proposed. For this purpose statistical models were selected that correspond to the structure and volume of portfolio losses as well as the number of these losses. The simulation model for the total insurance losses is developed.

The Growth Rates and the Accumulation Dynamics of Riboflavin of Ray Fungus Eremothecium Ashbyi Guillier.

The aim of the scientific research was to study the cultural and biochemical characteristics of Eremothecium ashbyi, primarily due to the dynamics of accumulation of riboflavin. The growth rates and the accumulation dynamics of riboflavin in the culture liquid and mycelium of ray fungus Eremothecium аshbyi F340, which is perspective object for receipt of riboflavin by biotechnological method were investigated. Examining the culture E.

Morphological and Cultural and Biosynthetic Properties of Eremothecium Ashbyi Guill.

This paper considers the morphological and cultural properties of ascomycetes Eremothecium ashbyi F-340, a producer of riboflavin in various nutrient mediums. We also demonstrate the accretion of fungal biomass, the level of its riboflavin accumulation and the consumption of carbohydrates of nutrient mediums. Through experiments conducted, we determine that using the medium which contains wort in its composition is the most reasonable. Moreover, the riboflavin level in this medium is 2,8 times higher than in other mediums.