Shchurska K.O.

Study about the Influence of Conditions of Exoelectrogenes Cultivation on Bioelectrochemical Hydrogen Evolution Process

This paper presents a brief overview of methods for obtaining hydrogen. We study the influence of cultivation conditions of exoelectrogenes on the efficiency of bioelectrochemical hydrogen production. We describe the method of two-stage anode biofilm selection, which is used for exoelectrogenes immobilization on the anode. Furthermore, we determine the impact of the applied voltage values ranged from 0,2 to 0,8 V on the process of bioelectrochemical hydrogen production using sodium acetate as a substrate.

Biohydrogen Production Ways

The present paper describes biohydrogen production methods according to the classification of energy sources used by microorganisms. We also conduct the comparative analysis of these processes. We describe the microorganism-producers, hydrogen formation reaction and optimal environmental parameters for every method of biohydrogen production. All these methods have their advantages and disadvantages. Crucially, we define the most optimal biohydrogen production way. Photobiological hydrogen production and biomass production should take place on the first stage.