Kudriavtsev I.V.

The influence of the annealings on the phase formation in [Ta(3,3 нм)/Si(6,6 нм)][sub]45[/sub]/Si (001) multilayer film composition and its optical properties

Employing the methods of spectroscopic ellipsometry, X-ray phase analysis and resistometry, we study the influence of heat treatment on the phase formation in periodic (45 bilayers) [Ta(3,3 нм)/ Si(6,6 нм)]45/ Si(001) multilayered film composition (MFC) with middle volume composition of TaSi2. Through experiments performed, we determine the regularities of change of the optical properties and energetic spectra of electrons as a result of translation symmetry loss in tantalum disilicide.

Modelling of heteroscedastic processes of transition economy using alternative methods of models estimation

This paper deals with modelling of heteroscedastic processes of the transition economy. By employing linear and nonlinear methods, notably the least squares method, Marquardt method, and Monte-Carlo method, we estimate the coefficients. Perspective taking, this problem solving seems to be quite urgent and promising for successful estimation of inflation, production costs modelling, as well as forecasting prices on the stock exchange and other heteroscedastic processes.