Naidenko V.I.

Eigen Waves of Cross-Waveguide

The purpose of the article is to obtain the algorithms for calculating the characteristics of its own waves in the cross waveguide cross and demonstrate their abilities. We solve the boundary value problem by the mode matching method. By employing the moment method functional equations arising from the boundary conditions are reduced to systems of homogeneous linear equations (SLE), whose order is equal to where M and N are number of terms in schedules of the fields in subfields specified below.

Periodical Structure with Transversal Electric Field

In this paper, we solve the problem of electromagnetic wave propagation in a periodic structure with a transverse electric field in the baseband. The period of the structure is divided into two subregions by planes perpendicular to the longitudinal coordinate. We use the method of partial regions. By employing the moments method, the system of functional equations obtained from the boundary conditions and periodicity conditions is reduced to a system of linear algebraic equations (SLAE), whose order is M and N, the number of terms in the fields expansion in the sub-areas.

Research of Characteristics of L-Shaped and Waveguide with Two Corner Cuts by Variational Method

Waveguides with one and two cuts (L-shaped waveguide and waveguide with two corner cuts) are used in microwave devices. Therefore, there is a need for new effective and rapid methods for calculating the characteristics of such waveguides. The variational method is used to calculate the eigenvalues of waves of L-shaped waveguide and waveguide with two corner cuts with arbitrary geometrical parameters. Polynomials orthogonal over the area of considered waveguides are unknown. We consider several types of the field approximation: on the basis of trigonometric and power functions.

Radiopulses evolution radiated by hertz’s dipole propagating in vacuum

The paper studies radiopulses evolution radiated by Hertz’s dipole propagating in vacuum. By the example of Gauss’ radiopulse, fields properties and power descriptions are considered in the near, intermediate and distant areas. Moreover, some substantial changes of the fields and power descriptions in the transition from the near area to distant one can be observed.

Calculation of electric field lines of eigenwaves of the open comb

Based on the numerical solution of the boundary problem, we design and build the electric field lines of eigenwaves of the open comb. Furthermore, our study suggests that the electric field distribution in the open comb is not as simple as usually portrayed.

Computation accuracy of dispersion characteristic of open comb with combs of infinite thickness

This paper deals with ratios between the order of the system of linear algebraic equations for the amplitudes of oscillations in resonators and the number of accountable space harmonics that give the most precise solution of dispersion equation for open comb with combs of infinite thickness, using the method of partial areas. We also reveal the dependence between relative difference of the method of partial areas and the factorization method as well as phase shift of zero space harmonic at the period of the comb