Trotsenko E.A.

A Hundredth Anniversary of the Peek’s Law for Estimating the Corona Inception Electric Field

This article is dedicated to the memory of well-known electrical engineer Frank William Peek, Junior, who estimated the corona inception electric field on the surface of electrodes with a small radius of curvature which allows for corona discharge inception and also known as the “Peek’s law”. Analyzing Peek’s first publications dated 1911–1915, we have seen that he has elaborated and summarized the laws, which describe the phenomenon of corona discharge in gas on the wires of power transmission line.

Calculation of Basic Characteristics of the Humidity Sensor Transformer Oil

This article outlines the method of calculating the sensor coefficients based on the sensory element of the insulating paper and highlighting features of this calculation. The sensitive element of the sensor belongs to conductometric type of the transducer “moisture–resistance”. The sensor is designed for use in the automated control moisture in transformer oil power transformers and reactors.

Assessing the Possibility of Using Insulating Paper as the Transformer Oil Humidity Sensor Element

This paper determines possibilities of using insulating paper as a humidity sensor element for monitoring the humidity level of transformer oil in power transformers. We propose to construct the sensor unit of the humidity sensor as a cylindrical capacitor structure, in which the dielectric is the electrically insulating paper soaked in transformer oil. Moreover, we conduct the investigation of relation between conductivity of insulating paper, transformer oil and moisture; temperature and electric field occurring at measuring their resistance at a constant voltage.

A Study of the Causes of Electric Overlapping of the Middle Phase Insulator String of the Overhead Power Line

Two possible causes of electric overlapping of the middle phase insulator string are taken into consideration: the design defect of cap-and-pin insulator and the tangent tower impact on electric field intensity near insulator string. Experimental and theoretical researches of an electric field of cap-and-pin insulator strings of 330 kV overhead power line were carried out. The insulator string's three-dimentional electric field was calculated using finite element method.