Scherba A.A.

Errors Analysis of Measuring Instruments of Three-phase Voltage Asymmetry

This article is devoted to the increase of exactness of measuring three-phase indexes of quality of electric power in the systems of three-phase power supply. We analyze transformation equations of three-phase voltage of six-pole is in-process executed with three by an entrance and by three output clamps. We show that four complex coefficients fully characterizing this six-pole can be entered.

A Study of the Causes of Electric Overlapping of the Middle Phase Insulator String of the Overhead Power Line

Two possible causes of electric overlapping of the middle phase insulator string are taken into consideration: the design defect of cap-and-pin insulator and the tangent tower impact on electric field intensity near insulator string. Experimental and theoretical researches of an electric field of cap-and-pin insulator strings of 330 kV overhead power line were carried out. The insulator string's three-dimentional electric field was calculated using finite element method.