Sorochenko V.F.

Using Species Molecular Features of Vascular Plants in Modern Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

The paper offers promising investment destination for addressing VI-th biotech level – network biopharmaceutical local associations, “the principle of cluster triangle” based on intellectual investments in conservation three-dimensional biological activity structures and use of information capacity in the pharmaceutical nanoscale lignin components of vascular plants.

Nanotechnologic Bases of ZrF4 Application to Increase the Strength of Cast Aluminum Alloy AK12M2

In this paper, we demonstrate that B.B. Gulyaev’s quasi-static representations of macroprocesses in cast aluminum alloys should be further elaborated. We theoretically justify and experimentally confirm the quantitative influence of ZrF4 nanoparticles on determining its optimal entry and strength of the alloy AK12M2. We propose physical and chemical foundation for the salvation model of ZrF4 nanodistribution, notably particles of ZrF4 modifier in a state of statistical lattice of cast aluminium alloy.