Yurkova A.I.

Formation of Structure and Phase Composition in Ecviatomic Alloys of Cu–Ni–Al–Fе–Cr System Synthesized by Mechanical Alloying

Nanocrystalline equiatomic high-entropy alloys (HEAs) have been synthesized by mechanical alloying in Cu–Ni–Al–Fе–Cr system from the binary CuNi alloy to the quinary CuNiAlFeCr alloy. By using X-ray diffraction analysis structure and phase evolution during mechanical alloying (MA) in binary to quinary alloys selected from Cu, Ni, Al, Fe и Cr in sequence were investigated. Binary CuNi alloy formed solid solution with face-centered cubic crystal structure in nanocrystalline state.

The Effect of Plastic Deformation on the Structure of Powder Quasicrystalline Al–Fe–Cr Alloy

The present paper is aimed at studying the effect of compaction by extrusion on the structural features of powder quasicrystalline Al–Fe–Cr alloy. Specifically, we use the powder alluminium alloy Al94Fe3Cr3 with fine-dispersed quasicrystalline particles reinforced by extrusion. We obtain the alloy by applying the water-atomization technique.