Ahmed Malik Lazim Al-Mzirawi

Temperature Measurement Uncertainty of Patient by Medical Thermal Imager

The purpose of this article is to develop the method of estimation and research of measurement temperature uncertainty by the medical thermal imager in pathological zones depending on the distance between the patient and the thermal imager. The proposed method is based on the noise equivalent temperature difference (NETD) which depends on the linear objective magnification of the thermal imager.

Improvement of Calculating Medical Thermovision Camera Minimum Resolvable Temperature Difference

The paper is devoted to improvement of the equation for calculating the minimum resolvable temperature difference (MRTD) of medical thermovision camera by means of more sophisticated models of thermal images visual perception. An MRTD calculating algorithm, which is based on a more reliable approximation of the visual system modulation transfer function by Schultz, is considered. We obtain new expression for the bandwidth of Schultz’s approximation, which does not depend on the angular size of the Foucault pattern bar. An improved equation for calculating the MRTD was obtained.

Matching the Resolution of the Lens and Matrix of Medical Thermal Camera

The paper considers the interrelation between radius of the confusion lens circle and the period matrix of modulation transfer function (MPF) with the concurrence lens and the detector. We propose two criteria of the alignment lens and the detector. The first criterion is the equality of the lens and matrix on the level while the second criterion is the equality of the MPF lens detector at the Nyquist frequency. Finally, we uncover the reduced dependence of the normalized radius of the circle of confusion on the value of the contrast of the lens alignment