Fedenko U.M.

Structure and Morphology of Zirconium Oxide (IV) Powders Synthesiized by the Thermal Method from Different Precursors

ZrO2 powders were synthesized from different precursors by the thermal method: zirconium hydroxide (ZrO(OH)2) and zirconium oxalate (ZrOC2O4). In synthesized samples by XRD analysis it was researched phase composition; sample, synthesized from ZrO(OH)2, consists of, mainly, the monoclinic modification, and sample, synthesized from ZrOC2O4 – of the tetragonal modification. It was calculated crystal grates parameters of obtained ZrO2 powders by the method of XRS analysis.

Turbidimetry Method of Evaluating the Nanoparticles Sizes in “White Zoles” ZrO2

We determine the possibility of employing turbidimetric method for the express evaluation of particles sizes in “white sols” of zirconium oxide (IV) synthesized by hydrothermal method. We define the phase content in zirconium oxide (IV) synthesized by this method, which mainly comprises the tetragonal modification. We find the particles sizes of zirconium oxide (IV) obtained employing the turbidimetric method, as well as by using the ZetaSizer device. Hence the particles sizes are 62 and 65 nm.