Tikhonov V.I.

The Tensor Model of Ports Buffering for Digital Switch

The objective of the paper is to develop the tensor model of buffer storage allocation for the input-output ports of digital network switch. To this end the method of segregated lists applied where each external physical port of the switch comprises internal transit buffers for all other external ports. Through experiments performed, we introduce the notion of zero port for the switch that connects external ports with the switch itself as the object of addressing object. The buffering matrix and the quaternion of an arbitrary couple of buffers is provided for the switch ports.

The Principles of Adaptive Interconnection for Open Systems

This paper develops the principles of adaptive interaction of open systems that minimize the administrative traffic and provide the integration of diverse traffic in convergent telecommunication networks. To this end, we employ the method of comparative analysis of benefits and open problems applied to the known concepts of NGN networks. We delineate three future generations of NGN networks with specific development stages and implementation of key technology solutions and ideas.