Khayrnasov S.M.

Performance Characteristics of Aluminum Thermosyphon for PVT Solar Collector

This article discusses the design of aluminum profile thermosyphons intended for use in PVT solar collectors. PVT solar collectors can simultaneously convert solar energy into electricity and heat, thus increasing the efficiency of solar power installation. The analysis of experimental studies of performance aluminum profile thermosyphons was presented.

Thermal modeling of the nanosatelliteDeveloped at the NTUU “KPI”

The paper under scrutiny demonstrates numericalsimulation results of thermal modes of the nanosatellitedeveloped at the National Technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”. It is designedto conduct scientific and applied researchinto the Earth remote sensing in the low Earth orbitwith a solar pointing. In addition, we compare theobtained results with numerical simulation results ofthe “FalconSat-2” small satellite developed by theUnited States Air Force Academy.

Simulation of microsatellite’s thermal modes

We reveal the results of experimental and numerical simulation of thermal modes for microsatellite and provide description of ТВК-2.5 plant for experimental simulation which was created at NTUU “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”. We describe the calculation procedure of microsatellite’s temperature field and compare the results of experimental and theoreticaland-computational research.