Ushchapovskiy D.Yu.

Copper Production from a Carbonate Ores by Electrowinning Method

A process of compact copper electrowinning from the solution obtained by leaching copper from the ore by sulfuric acid was discussed. It was shown that the ore leaching is advisable to carry out with 10 % hydrochloric acid for 30–40 minutes with intensive stirring of the mixture. Copper electrowinning process was done from a concentrated solution with a stepped reduction of the current density which was proportional to the copper ion concentration decreasing during the process. The comparison of the parameters of the real and theoretical calculated processes was performed.

Multistage Galvanostatic Method of Electrowinning Copper from Sulphate Solution of Copper Ore Leaching

This paper investigates the process of copper electrowinning from carbonate ore. Copper was leached by sulfuric acid solution. The obtained electrolyte was used for copper electrowinning. We show that step current lowering was the best method to obtain massive cathode deposit or copper foil with 100 % of current efficiency. We make theoretical calculations of the electrolysis process.