Kоrchugаnоvа О.М.

Fine-Dispersed Iron (III) Oxyhydroxides Synthesis: Carbamide Precipitation

The conditions of carbamide precipitation synthesis of fine-dispersed iron (III) oxyhidroxides from iron (III) sulphate and nitrate solutions were found out. In order to determine the necessary precipitant amount potentiometric precipitation titration of iron (III) sulphate and nitrate solutions with ammonia and hydrolyzed carbamide solutions were carried out. The results of these researches are expounded.

The Study of pH Influence on Kinetics of Carbamide Hydrolysis

The homogeneous carbamide precipitation method is used for producing highly dispersed metal hydroxides. Carbamide hydrolysis is the limiting stage of such process. By determining the dependence of hydrolysis rate on solution pH, we choose the optimum conditions for the process. Hence we conduct the kinetic investigations of the process of carbamide hydrolysis in various original pH solutions (0,7 7). It was carried out in isothermal conditions under permanent solution evaporation.