Iudin A.S.

Silicon Photomultipliers as Alternative System of Photomultipliers of Neutral Particle Detector in Electron-Proton Accelerators

Measurement of events that produce particles, in particular photons, is a powerful tool for the study of subatomic constituents of the universe. The purpose of this research is to consider placement in the detector, study properties and implementation of updated ZEUS detector photomultipliers for possible use in future electron-proton accelerators. The most important part of the detector ZEUS, especially when measuring neutral particles such as photons, is calorimeter ZEUS, based on the phenomena of photon emission from the excited electron, which is returned to a lower energy level.

Reconstruction of Hardronic Jets with Clustering Algorithms and Modern Statistical Methods of Data Analysis in High Energy Physics

In a wide range of statistical data processing in high energy physics jet clustering algorithms and applications for function minimization are used. The aim of the study is to validate the acceptability of the programs and FastJet and MINUIT, that provide a powerful tool for finding jets from data and Monte Carlo models after the selection of events and for the subsequent approximation method of least squares.