Bondar I.A.

Quasi-Equilibrium Heterogeneous States of Electrolyte at Steel Ball Etching in a Magnetic Field

In this paper, research into the formation of interface separating phases (regions) with different magnetic susceptibilities of paramagnetic etching products is carried out in an inhomogeneous magnetic field of a magnetized steel ball at its corrosion. The theoretical model is proposed describing shape, size of this area and distribution of paramagnetic etching product concentration within the region. The characteristic times of formation, existence and destruction of this interface boundary was experimentally identified.

Influence of External Magnetic Field on the Etching of a Steel Ball in an Aqueous Solution of Nitric Acid

This paper reveals the effect of the change of a steel ball shape as a result of its etching in an aqueous solution of nitric acid under the influence of an external magnetic field. The elongation of a ferromagnetic ball was observed along the direction of an external magnetic field. The steel ball etching in a magnetic field is characterized by formation of three cylindrically symmetric regions with different etching rates and surface structures, divided from each other by clear borders, namely, the pole, equator and transition regions.