Tymchyk G.S.

Limiting Characteristics of Coherent Spectrum Analyzer

The influence of the component dimensions and parameters of a coherent optical spectrum analyzer on its performance was studied. One of the criteria for evaluating the performance of this instrument are the spatial resolution and the spatial bandwidth product. The purpose of this article is to study the dependence of the limiting characteristics on the changing of the component parameters of the coherent spectrum analyzer.

Techonlogy of Ultrasonic Control of the Well-Bonded Pipe Coupling Space Filling

The method of well-bonded pipe coupling space filling control by means of ultrasonic NDT methods has been proposed. Use of ultrasonic NDT method for coupling space filling with self-hardening substance (both compound and molten metal coupling space filling) has been analyzed. Taking into consideration the high temperature of the repair structure during repair works performance when using a molten metal, which is determined by high temperature, the application of piezo-electric transducers is ineffective.

Biooperated Magnetophonotherapy System on the Basis of an Estimation of Physiological Indicators of the Man

At the present stage of development of medical instrument-making working out magnetotherapy apparatus with feedback automatically correcting parameters of medical influence according to physiological parameters of patients during a magnetotherapy session obtains an actual value. The purpose of this study was to research an influence of a magnetic field on change of physiological indicators of the man for working out magnetophonotherapy system with control algorithm of parameters of magnetic field influence and ultrasound on a biological tissue.

Algorithm the Automated Estimation of Ultrasound Effect on Biological Tissue

The article deals with control methods of the biological object using a biofeedback during physiotherapy. The algorithm of the automated estimation of ultrasound effect on a biological tissue is offered. We propose to use the temperature change of skin surface as feedback parameters during ultrasound irradiation and change of saturation change. The common use of parameters of temperature and saturation of biological tissues allows estimating the organism reaction to ultrasound influence, to prevent damage of tissues damage and to obtain the data on tissues adaptation.

The System of Temperature Control in a Magnetotherapy

The article is devoted to the issue of the temperature control of a biological object in the magnetotherapy. We develop the mathematical model of the magnetic field influence on a biological object with the control of the temperature variation on the surface epidermis areas. We conduct an experimental research of temperature variation of a biological object with magnetotherapy apparatuses “MIT-11” and “POLUS-4”.

The Quality Control System Installation Glued-Welded Joint on the Trunk Gas Pipeline Under the High Pressure

In this paper, we propose the structure of the quality control system of installation glued-welded joint on the trunk gas pipeline under the high pressure. It contains meter information parameters, the computer of optimal values of these parameters and the analyzer evaluating the discrepancy of the measured values and gives the best offer for the existing management system to address this discrepancy.

The Problems of Designing Coherent Spectrum Analyzers

The purpose of this paper is to improve methods for designing coherent spectrum analyzers. Methods of calculating generalized characteristics such as the working range of spatial frequencies, the spatial spectral resolution and the energy resolution are suggested in this paper. To develop the methods of calculating we consider the most common scheme in which the transparency locates in the front focal plane of the Fourier lens. As transparency, we take a rectangular aperture that has spatial spectrum described by sync functions.