Kirillov S.A.

Peculiarities of Sorbtion of Phosphates by Hydrous Oxides of the Elements of III and IV Groups

Binary mixtures containing hydrous oxides of titanium, aluminum, lanthanum, and cerium with various ratio of ingredients have been synthesized by means of co-precipitation method from water solutions. The physical and chemical properties of the target materials have been characterized by X-ray diffraction, scanning electron microscopy, IR spectroscopy, porosity studies and pH titration. The sorption affinity of binary mixtures towards phosphate ions has been studied.

Sorption of Phosphates by Iron (III) Oxyhydrates with Various Crystalline Structures

By means of precipitation method (amorphous ferric oxyhydrate), - (goethite) and - (lepidocrocite) have been synthesized. Physical-and-chemical parameters of the synthesized compounds have been characterized using X-ray diffraction, porosity studies, pH titration. With the aid of XRD it was found that - and - have crystalline structure, while is amorphous. The sorption affinity of ferric oxyhydrates of various crystalline structure towards phosphate ions has been studied.

Novel Anion Exchanging Material Based on Silica Gel Covered by Nanolayer of Ferric Oxide

Using citrate techniques chemical modification of silica gel surface is carried out by iron oxide in an amount of 0,6 wt. %.