Інформаційні технології, системний аналіз та керування

Components processes of the system design of information-communication systems

The purpose of this study is to propose the components process of informatization projects design from the perspective of the applied systems analysis and the key principles of the information-communication systems design. The study reveals that this approach has the advantages of iterative and waterfall processes and dramatically expands the opportunities of the average and large informationcommunication systems design.

Tools research and development of the technology for informative resources production

The article describes the component approach to production of the informative resources for informativecommunicative system. Definitions, classification and main characteristics of the informative resources are presented, and their main types are described. Furthermore, the problems of resources interoperability are studied. The approach to informative resources production, based on the component approach, is suggested. The results of technology application for creation of the informative resources for the State tax administration of Ukraine are studied.

The method of investment portfolio formation for the system of financial investment management

Relying on the return-risk maximum ratio at a fuzzy constraint, as well as taking into consideration the portfolio risk and assets liquidity, we solve the optimization problem of securities portfolio formation and management for the portfolio optimization component of the financial investment management system. The proposed method of investment portfolio expands the classical Markowitz-Sharpe approaches by taking into account the liquidity and application of more advanced Value-at-Risk risk measure.

Forecasting system engineering andModel of the system of financial dataForecastingовых данных

The paper proposes the model of system engineering of forecasting systems and engineering of a forecasting component for the control system of financial-investment activity. We develop a model ofthe system of the financial time series forecasting as well as describe a range of methods and algorithms which can be used for financial data forecasting.In addition, we implement the algorithms of models choice of financial data forecasting based on the statistical information for the financial investmentactivity.

Обобщенная модель цифровых сигналов в контексте паттерна проектирования MVC

A generalized model of digital signals in the context of pattern designing MVC
In this paper we define the criteria and classify the digital signals. Based on this classification, we propose the generalized model of signals in UML notation (class diagram). Moreover, we provide the consistency of the model with a principal paradigm of software development – pattern design “model– notion–controller”.

An elementary model of the active object search within partial indeterminancy in the form of a multistage diagonal 2×2-game

There has been proposed a model of the region of searching the active object with elementarily breaking it into rectangles. In conditions of partial in determined probabilities of the object sojourn within the searching region there has been developed the model of optimally holding the search arrangements.This model basis is a multistage diagonal 2×2 - game, whose matrix elements are determined through the player optimal behavior on the previousstage with counting the maximal disbalance minimizationin evaluating probabilistic data.