Gorobets O.Yu.

The magnetic field influence on steel etching process in water solution of nitric acid

The paper considers the influence of the magnetic field on the process of steel plates etching in the nitric acid solution under the different rolling direction, generated in the process of steel production. Under the condition of the preliminary influence of the variable magnetic field on the steel plates before etching, we discovered the time dependences for the change of the etched steel mass in the nitric acid solution inside and outside the magnetic field.

Wastewater purification from cuprum (ІІ) ions by magnetically operated biosorbent using high-gradient ferromagnetic fields

This paper highlights the method of purification from cuprum ions by using high-gradient magnetic fields. We devise the production method of highgradient ferromagnetic matrices with dendrite structure and study its efficiency. We also show the difference between the efficiency of solutions purification by utilizing dendrite and dendriteless matrices. Crucially, we prove the higher efficiency of the dendrite matrix performance as compared to the dendriteless one.

Influence of External Magnetic Field on the Etching of a Steel Ball in an Aqueous Solution of Nitric Acid

This paper reveals the effect of the change of a steel ball shape as a result of its etching in an aqueous solution of nitric acid under the influence of an external magnetic field. The elongation of a ferromagnetic ball was observed along the direction of an external magnetic field. The steel ball etching in a magnetic field is characterized by formation of three cylindrically symmetric regions with different etching rates and surface structures, divided from each other by clear borders, namely, the pole, equator and transition regions.