Voiter A.P.

Comprehensive Analysis of the Effective Rate in Adaptive Packet Radio Networks

The aim of the study is to evaluate the effectiveness of joint work of physical and link layer packet radio networks with adaptive control of length of data packets in a competitive access to the radio channel. To do this, an analytical model in the form of two equations, the first of which determines the probability of successful transmission at the physical and data link layer, as a function of the intensity of the errors in the channel and protocol redundancy package format.

The Effect of Packets Length Management Strategies on the Efficiency of the MAC Level Packet in Switched Radio Networks

The paper studies a new method of efficiency enhancement of packet switched radio networks at the radio channel access level. To this end, we consider the known strategies of packet lengths control in such radio networks and reveal incompleteness of a possible set of packet lengths management with channel conditions under carrier sense multiple access (CSMA) protocol. We propose three new strategies to change packet lengths which complete the set. Mathematical simulation is conducted for persistent and nonpersistent CSMA protocols.