Podolian A.A.

Techonlogy of Ultrasonic Control of the Well-Bonded Pipe Coupling Space Filling

The method of well-bonded pipe coupling space filling control by means of ultrasonic NDT methods has been proposed. Use of ultrasonic NDT method for coupling space filling with self-hardening substance (both compound and molten metal coupling space filling) has been analyzed. Taking into consideration the high temperature of the repair structure during repair works performance when using a molten metal, which is determined by high temperature, the application of piezo-electric transducers is ineffective.

The Quality Control System Installation Glued-Welded Joint on the Trunk Gas Pipeline Under the High Pressure

In this paper, we propose the structure of the quality control system of installation glued-welded joint on the trunk gas pipeline under the high pressure. It contains meter information parameters, the computer of optimal values of these parameters and the analyzer evaluating the discrepancy of the measured values and gives the best offer for the existing management system to address this discrepancy.