Koval V.M.

Nanocrystalline Silicon thin Film Solar Cells

The aim of this paper is to determine advantages and disadvantages of replacing amorphous silicon by nanocrystalline one in thin film solar cells with different structures. Review of national and international literature has shown the effective technologic ways of replacing amorphous silicon by nanocrystalline one in each of three possible structures of photovoltaic cells: structure of a p-n-junction, cascade or multi-layered structure and НIT structure.

Model representations on introduction of rare-earth dopants (Eu and Y) in nanocrystalline silicon

In this paper, we reveal model representations on the nature of RE dopant centers in nanocrystalline silicon films. Using the results of chemical composition analysis and temperature measurements of resistance, we compare theoretical and experimental data. Crucially, we determine that the nature of dopant centers changes depending on the conditions of films processing (temperature deposition) and dopants concentration.