Yandulskii O.S.

Identification of Low Frequency Oscillations Using Synchrophasor Measurements

The actual questions of the study of low-frequency oscillations of power in the interconnected power system (IPS) of Ukraine in terms of introduction of modern Wide Area Measuring System (WAMS) are considered. The algorithm for identifying modes of oscillations by means of using recordings from the Phasor Measurement Units of a WAMS using spectral analysis and calculation of the main characteristics of identified fluctuations is developed.

Increasing the Efficiency of Frequency Load Shedding of Power System

The paper considers the frequency load shedding of an electric power system. The objective of this paper is to enhance the structure and algorithms of frequency load shedding-1 (AUFLS-1) using cutting-edge technologies, namely Wide Area Measurement System. We model the operation of the system of complex power supply when various emergencies in the Power Factory software occur. We aim at revealing the fact of the voltage corner reaction on the emergency occurrence and elaborating the algorithm of detecting the emergency by speed of voltage corner change.