Rospotnyuk V.P.

Propagation of Spin Wave Through the Anisotropic Boundary of Two Uniaxial Ferromagnets in an External Magnetic Field

This paper represents the investigation of the reflection of bulk spin waves at the interface of two uniaxial ferromagnetic media that propagate at an angle to the interface and their penetration from one ferromagnetic medium to another one. Thereby, the interaction similar to the interaction of two antiferromagnets is taken into account at the boundary interface between two media in an external constant uniform magnetic field. The problem is solved in the formalism of spin density based on equations of Landau–Lifshitz in the absence of dissipation in the system.

The Electrolyte Movement at Etching and Deposition of Metals Under Inhomogeneous Constant Magnetic Field

This paper considers the features of the electrolyte movement in the surface layer in the processes of etching and deposition of metals at a ferromagnetic electrode in the form of a ball, when it is magnetized in an external inhomogeneous magnetic field of the moderate intensity (∼ 1 kOe). The choice of an electrode in the form of a ball makes it easy to distinguish the effects of magnetic fields from the effects of a different nature due to the equivalence of all points of its surface in the absence of magnetization in this model system.

Electromotive Force at Etching Homogeneous Magnetized Steel Cylinder in the Electrolyte

In this paper, we calculate the electric cell voltage of the physical circuit at etching of ferromagnetic electrode in the form of a cylinder in an electrolyte caused by inhomogeneous distribution of concentration of the paramagnetic corrosion products on the surface of a steel cylinder in an inhomogeneous magnetostatic field. The shape of the electrode was chosen because all points of the cylinder surface are equivalent in this model system in the absence of magnetization and effects of the magnetic field can be easily separated from the effects of a different nature.