Maltsev A.Yu.

Mathematical and Programming Models of Coexistence of Two “Predator–Prey” Type Populations

It is a theoretical investigation in the field of modeling of \ numbering populations. We analyze different models of populations interactions and find essential imperfections of these models. We propose the mathematical model of interaction of the simplest population structure interaction. This model takes into consideration the phenomenon of the predator satiety under conditions of sufficient prey. This phenomenon stipulates that the predator does not eat more than it needs for satiation. The classical model ignores the predator’s satiation.

The Cauchy Problem for Evolutionary Essentially Infinite-Dimensional Differential Equation

This paper presents the theoretical study of the infinite-dimensional analysis field. It is inspired by Paul Levy’s scientific works and grabbed the attention of many mathematicians. The Laplace–Levy operator has many very interesting properties and many applications for stochastic analysis. The essentially infinite-dimensional operator is a generalization of well-known Levy–Laplace operator. Specifically, the operator of the formally second order satisfies the Leibniz property.