Rybin A.I.

Visualization of Surface Conduc¬tivity Distribution by Conductivity Zones Method

The usage of modification method for direct EIT problem solving is substantiated. The voltages on phantom contour with known current approximation of surface conductivity distribution are calculated. The classical algorithm with Newton–Raphson method for inverse EIT problem solving is shown. That is “refinement” of surface conductivities by results of analysis. The conductivity zones method to reduce the order and time of calculations is described (transition from solution of the equation with 1000 order to 16 times solving the equations with 14 order). The regularization method by A.N.

The Image Restoration Algorithms by Conventional Deconvolution Method in the Hadamard Transformation Field

The modification of conventional deconvolution method using discrete orthogonal Hadamard transformation is presented in this work. The computation of image degradation inverse matrix using symbolic method for this matrix forming of any order in the Hadamard transformation field is the main goal of the proposed algorithm realization. The algorithm takes into account block-diagonal structure of degradation matrix that allows considerably simplifying the matrix computation of any order.

The Features of Regularization Method for Solving the Electrical Impedance Tomography Inverse Problem by Zones Conductivities Method

The features of regularization method of ill-conditioned derivatives matrices from transfer resistances (nodal voltages) on surface zones conductivities solving the Electrical Impedance Tomography (EIT) reconstruction problems are considered. Using the proposed method allows significantly (hundreds of times) reduce the derivatives matrices orders in comparison to the classical phantom model using finite element method that noticeably simplifies the images reconstruction.