Ryabinina O.O.

The Structure and Mechanical Properties of Al-6 % Mg-2 % Zn-0,5 % Fe-0,5 % Alloys with Additions of Manganese after Different Modes of Annealing

This paper discusses the influence of up to 0,7 percent of manganese and various modes of annealing on the phase composition, the structure and a level of mechanical properties of Al-6 % Mg-2 % Zn-0,5 % Fe-0,5 % Si alloy. More compact (Fe, Mn)Al6 phase is formed instead of FeAl3 phase at Mn/Fe = (0,4–0,5) optimal correlation. Thus alloy plasticity rises by 40–50 % at the insignificant increase of durability.

Phase-structural composition and mechanical properties of alloy of CA4Мg with admixtures of iron and beryllium

The paper under consideration investigates the influence of beryllium on the phase-structural composition and the mechanical properties of CA4Мg alloy containing 0,5 percent of iron. The set optimum beryllium alloy content provides the formation of a more compact iron-bearing phase and the increase in the mechanical properties level.