mathematical model

Mathematical Simulation of Methane Production in the Fermentation Process

In this paper a mathematical model for the study of the process for producing the methane fermentation when the content of acetic acid changes in the fermenter, which is formed during the methanogenesis, was proposed. At the core of the mathematical model calculation there is the ideal mixing reactor theory. As a raw material for the production of methane by microorganisms a mixture of poultry manure and waste corn was chosen. The fermentation was performed under anaerobic conditions with the temperature 37±2 °С.

Model of Bof Lapping with Setted Temperature and Carbon Content

In order to increase the accuracy of process control refinement converter smelting, a series of mathematical models of controlling were developed. Melting model was created to calculate the charge (“static control”), control fuse in the process of purging (“dynamic management”) and finishing melting after the measurement of carbon content and temperature of the bath without interrupting the purge and calculation of reductants. The influence of control actions on the process of finishing converter smelting was studied.

Features of Shale Gas in Rotary Kilns Building Materials Industry

The possibility of shale gas usage in existing kilns of building materials industry is analyzed. The questions considering determination of thermal performance conditions of kilns for burning cement using nature and shale are studied. For a more complete modeling a mathematical model, compared with the known, taking into account such additional factors as the temperature of the exhaust gases and the conditions refractory lining wear during operation was applied.