Kochubei V.V.

Application of Impulsive Electromagnetic Affects for Crystallization Process of Joints for Spot Welding

Results of external influenced impulsive electromagnetic affect research to crystallization joint process with construct and stainless steel, and dissimilar material joints for spot welding are researched. Changes in different weld spot structures are shown. The samples obtained using design mode of spot welding with the impulsive electromagnetic affects, were compared and an increasing in the dispersity structure by twice times was indentified, but the dendrite width was decreased. Impulsive electromagnetic affect influence on weld line length is studied.

Estimation of Mechanical Properties of Welded Joints Produced by Resistance Spot Welding with Electromagnetic Stirring

The paper reveals investigation results of effect of external electromagnetic fields on mechanical properties of welded joints produced by resistance spot welding. Results of research of external electromagnetic fields effect on the mechanical properties of constructive and stainless steels and joints made from different materials were presented. Samples which are suitable for performing static-load tests of spot welding for the minimization of data misrepresentation were proposed and the analysis was performed.