Application of Discrete Structures and Numerical Sequences in Block Codes

The purpose to compress information using composition of universal codes with the recursive algorithm of original data recovery was achieved in this work. It obtains compression coefficient higher than in symbolic coding. Proposed method of time coding has reasonable values of compression coefficient and its purpose is coding with compression. For this purpose, entirely new kind of universal coding with the polybasic numeral system was created.

Model of Bof Lapping with Setted Temperature and Carbon Content

In order to increase the accuracy of process control refinement converter smelting, a series of mathematical models of controlling were developed. Melting model was created to calculate the charge (“static control”), control fuse in the process of purging (“dynamic management”) and finishing melting after the measurement of carbon content and temperature of the bath without interrupting the purge and calculation of reductants. The influence of control actions on the process of finishing converter smelting was studied.

Application of Modified Hooke–Jeeves Method for Multi-Objective Optimization

The task of multi-objective constrained optimization of chrome tanning of semi-finished leather applying the Hooke–Jeeves method is solved. The optimality criterion is formulated in the form of a generalized additive objective function. Local criteria for the objective function are normalized and nondimensionalized. The weighting parameters are obtained on the basis of professional assessments. The algorithm of the modified Hooke–Jeeves method is the basis for the software module, which is implemented using object-oriented programming language Visual Basic for Application.