Information technologies, systems analysis and control

Stability analysis of univariate and multivariate systems with multirate sampling

The present paper discusses stability and minimum phase of multirate univariate and multivariate dynamic systems. We demonstrate that transition from a singlerate to a corresponding multirate model does not violate properties of stability and minimum phase. Specifically, we establish the zeroespoles ratio of singlerate and multirate models.

Trajectory Behavior of Weak Solutions of the Piezoelectric Problem with Discontinuous Interaction Function on the Phase Variable

The autonomous second order inclusion in a bounded domain, which is modeling the behavior of a class of the controlled piezoelectric fields with nonmonotonous potential, is studied. The investigated system describes not only controlled piezoelectric process with multivalued law “reaction-displacement”, but a wide class of controlled processes of Continuum Mechanics. Conditions on the parameters of the problem do not guarantee the uniqueness of solution of the corresponding Cauchy problem.

Adaptive Short-Term Forecasting of Selected Financial Processes

A computer based system is proposed for adaptive modeling and forecasting of financial and economic processes, that is constructed with application of system analysis principles. A hierarchical structure of decision making process during forecasts estimation was taken into consideration and the methods were used for describing uncertainties of structural, parametric and statistical nature.

Formalization of the Problem or Risk Management in Systems of Different Natures

The paper considers the problem of formal statement of the general problem of integrated risk management in complex systems as a whole of different nature. Relevance of such formulations caused with the fact that the existing approaches are directed to local non-systemic risk analysis that do not focus on different and often multidisciplinary nature of the risks, and are not able to overcome the problem of cascaded development of risks. The statement of the problem based on the Merton model is considered.

Стратегическое планирование функциональности ERP/MRP-систем с учетом множественных замещений

Much prominence is given in this paper to the extended problem of the strategic planning of the ERP systems functionality with the substitution relation, specified on the graph arcs. To solve this problem, a hybrid algorithm, composed of the polynomial and exponential parts is proposed to be used. This algorithm solves a polynomial component of the problem by reduction to the maximum network flow problem, and an exponential one – by means of the original genetic algorithm. Thus, we also provide the numerical experimental results.

The Monitoring System of the State Budget of Ukraine

This article is devoted to the problem of building a system for monitoring the state budget of Ukraine, this system applies to instruments of state regulation of social and economic processes. As the design basis of the proposed model of the subject area consisting of an information model and precedent, which covers all the basic nature of the budget process and their relationship with the peculiarities of the budget system in Ukraine.

The Image Restoration Algorithms by Conventional Deconvolution Method in the Hadamard Transformation Field

The modification of conventional deconvolution method using discrete orthogonal Hadamard transformation is presented in this work. The computation of image degradation inverse matrix using symbolic method for this matrix forming of any order in the Hadamard transformation field is the main goal of the proposed algorithm realization. The algorithm takes into account block-diagonal structure of degradation matrix that allows considerably simplifying the matrix computation of any order.

Hardware Implementation Computations in Finite Fields Characteristics of Two

The article substantiates the need for hardware implementation of computational procedures in finite fields of the form GF(2m) with a high rate of speed. Analysis of different forms of the field elements GF(2m) representation was performed and showed that there is a need (in the process of computation) to move from one form of presentation elements to another, namely provide isomorphism field in hardware implementation. It was specified that for Galois fields with never-exceed 220 capacities it is expedient to use tabular method of elements field storage.

Logical Approach of Software Applications Integration Dealing with the Support of Interdisciplinary Research

The paper proposes an approach to the solution of software applications integration problem dealing with the support of interdisciplinary research on the example of the functioning of World Data System using the apparatus of mathematical logic and the theory of artificial intelligence. The authors proposed the overall architecture of the system integration, a formal language for description of existing applications and their functionalities.

Modified Algorithm of Shanks with Ordered Blocks

Majority of cryptanalytic methods can be modified due to parallel algorithms. One of them is the method of Shanks solving discrete logarithms problem. The main goal of this article is to construct algorithm, which allows parallel calculating all values from low and high pitch tables, to make this search more directed and to put in order all values of table elements. It will allow applying method of blocks searching, separation on the ordered sub-blocks, accelerate applying method of value indexing (or value hash).