Information technologies, systems analysis and control

Mathematical modelling and design of multiple-valued logic elements

This study tackles the issues of multiple-valued elements design, based on the nonlinear resonant circuits as a decision of a parametrical optimization problem. We illustrate that the use of nonlinear resonant circuit is one of the most perspective variants of multiple-valued logic elements implementation.

On the specificity of ssdm designing and realization for financial and economic processes forecasting

This paper reports on the decision-making support system for financial and economic processes forecasting. The system is implemented in the environment of Visual Studio 5.0 in programming language C#. On the experimental side, the given software product is applied to the price forecasting for oil products in Ukraine. Moreover, we’re going to continue this thread of research to further modify the given software product by new methods for non-stationary and nonlinear processes forecasting.

The algorithms for selecting the portfolio stocks and determining their shares in the investment capital

The article considers the development of new algorithms for selecting the portfolio stocks. A new algorithm is proposed for solving the problem of stock selection for the investment portfolio and the problem of the investment capital distribution between the stocks taking into consideration returns, diversification risk and liquidity.

Computing parallelization in control of unilateral processes of diffusion and heat-mass exchange

In this paper, we develop the parallel algorithm for modeling and control of unilateral processes of diffusion and heat-mass exchange. The algorithm is experimentally tested for control of unilateral process of oil filtration with limited pressure gradient. The process model is considered as a variation inequality. We use functional parameterization for its solution. Using the cluster of Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, we do parallel calculations.

Applying model-driven approach in software redocumentation

This paper considers redocumentation of legacy software based on the model-driven approach. We describe various abstract levels of document models taking into account requirements of software development technology. In addition, sequential transformations of models allow obtaining metadescriptions of documents used by tools of documents automatic generation.

On creating a strategic planning component of financial investment control system

In this paper, we introduce a new component of strategic planning to enhance the financial investment control system in the stock market. We also study the functional possibilities of the strategic planning component based on the database of the first Ukrainian stock exchange. In fact, we outline the features of the Ukrainian stock exchange as compared to New-York stock exchange and give some recommendations on suitability of statistical models of the Ukrainian stock exchange characteristics.