Information technologies, systems analysis and control

A modified Bayes method of forming network structure

The present paper offers a modified procedure for learning Bayesian network in terms of the statistical data. Moreover, the introduced recursive formulas enable the computational process optimization, and the implemented algorithm of heuristic search for discovering BN structure allows avoiding dependence of vertices from their initial ordering.

A model of cellular automaton with anticipation

In this paper, we consider the mechanisms for endowing the cellular automata (CA) models with the anticipation property. On the experimental side, we apply a widely known Conway’s game ‘Life’. The research results show that even within this simple model, the introduction of anticipation has a crucial impact on the behavior of the system, resulting in emergence of multiple co-existing solutions. Furthermore, the inherent behavioral templates of classical ‘Life’ (fixed point, cycle, chaos) are valid for its anticipatory version; however, they develop at a level of configurations’ sets.

The imperative mandate as a management factor

This study describes a probabilistic approach to the mathematical formalization of ideas competition in the parliamentary process as an interaction between communication and regulation. The mathematical model presented in the paper elucidates the instability of “coalition–opposition” situation and demonstrates the necessity for the imperative mandate as a reaction to opposition “irreconcilability”.

Test tasks generation in the distance learning system on the basis of didactic text formalization model

This paper suggests an approach to automation of test tasks generation based on the instructional text formalization by concept-thesis model (CTM). Presented are the methods of test tasks building on the basis of CTM. Also considered here is the structure of the model, test, task and tasks’ templates. Furthermore, the proposed approach is compared to other techniques of test tasks building.

The research of means and development of component model of informationcommunication system of data analysis

We conduct the research of the existing methods and means of data processing and analysis. Specifically, we endeavour to formalize data processing and analysis. Through experiments performed, we develop the component model of informationcommunication system of data processing and analysis on the basis of the object-oriented approach.

Use of discrete wavelet-transform for segmentation and speech signals denoising

Based on the components of the wavelet-transform theory, we present an automated method of speech signals denoising, interference cleaning and ADC artifacts refining. We propose a new method of detecting interphoneme transitions in the continuous speech signals as well as logarithmic and moving average criteria that help make a decision on the speech signals segmentation. In addition, we analyze advantages and disadvantages of the proposed criteria.

On Estimating the Acceptable Sets of Solutions of Combinatorial Transport Problem on Permutations Solved by the Method of Branches and Bounds

We estimate the acceptable set in the method of branches and bounds at solving a transport problem on permutations. We prove the property of this estimation. It allows reducing a number of the operations in the method of branches and bounds

The methods of constructing dynamic Bayesian networks

This study proposes a method of constructing dynamic Bayesian networks based on statistical data. It consists of two phases: building a static network structure and dynamic structure of the network, which determines the relations between two neighboring time intervals. The structure obtained is used to form the output at each time interval. Finally, we illustrate how this method can be applied to actual data

Modeling of complex informationand communications systems securityusing the logic-probability methodем с использованием логико-вероятностного метода-ймовірнісного методу

This paper proposes the approach to modeling ofcomplex information and communications systemssecurity based on the logic-probability method. This approach relies on the component-specific division of the system’s security threats and their further integrationinto one complex security indicator. Wealso conduct the computing experiment to test theelaborated approach. The obtained results showthat this approach allows simplifying the threats’model formation as well as reducing expenditureson developing the information security system.

Analysis of the hybrid Control System using the pulse characteristic of the Plant

The study provides an insight into a calculation method of transient processes in the hybrid control system by a pulse characteristic of the plant. This approach allows excluding a stage of approximation in calculations of the control system as well as reducing a simulation error due to subjective choice of the structure of approximation dependence. The method can be used by experts on automation for analyzing and tuning of continuous and digital control systems