Diffusion Coatings with the Participation of Titanium, Alumi¬nium and Silicon on Surface of the Steel 12X18H10T

Patterns of forming a multilayered diffusion coatings after complex saturation of titanium, aluminum and silicon to steel to improve heat resistance 12Cr18Ni10Ti were obtained and studied. The possibility of obtaining titanium-aluminum-silicon layers on steel 12Cr18Ni10Ti powder in containers with a gate in unpressurized conditions at temperature 1050 C and with duration 4 hours was studied. As initial components powders of titanium, aluminum, silicon, aluminum oxide, ammonium chloride were used.

Calculation of Probability of Implementation of Requirements to Diameter of Pores in the Weld-Fabricated Guy-Sutures

Mathematical dependence accounting changeability in formation of pores at welding and allows expecting probability of implementation of requirements to the diameter of pores from the experimentally found descriptions of the statistical distributing of amount and diameter of pores on the single area of the weld-fabricated guy-sutures is in-process shown out. For the development of mathematical dependence the static laws of distributing of Veybull and Puasson and rule of probabilities increasing were used. Adequacy of the theoretical dependence was tested by calculation of boundary conditions.