Inertial Stability as a Result of the Relation Between Transport and Relative Fluid Rotations

The aim of the paper is fluid inertial stability nature determination through the representation of potential (non-rotational) motion as the compensation of two rotations, transport one and relative one. Theoretical methods are used. It is based on well-known description of fluid motion as a sum of three types (Cauchy–Helmholz theorem), but uses theoretical mechanics approach. The motion is considered as a sum of transport and relative ones. Thransport angular velocity corresponds to macroscopic motion, while relative one is caused by fluid parcel deformation.

Experimental and Theoretical Analysis of Flow Structure in the Vortex Chamber with End Jet Control

In order to find low-powered control system of working flows in vortex chambers (VC) of energetic and technological equipment the compound structure of shear current in one of the most powerful vortex formation (“central quasi-solid vortex” — CQSV) inside of VC dead-end zone was investigated under condition of closed coaxial end jet control actions. The principle of mutual receptivity of vortex structures on macrolevel was taken as a basis upon study of geometric and operating characteristics of these actions.

Construction Improvement of Scintiscanner for Laser Therapeutic Settings

Создана оптимальная конструкция сканера лазерного луча и методика определения его параметров и условий облучения. В них могут быть заинтересованы районные, сельские клиники и больницы, фельдшерско-акушерские пункты, где проблематично применение и обслуживание сложных по конструкции и с процессорным управлением устройств. Взамен них разработаны простые и оригинальные конструкции сканеров лазерного луча с обеспечением постоянного уровня плотности энергии в зоне облучения, предназначенные для потребностей медицинских заведений с небольшими доходами.

Calculation of Probability of Implementation of Requirements to Diameter of Pores in the Weld-Fabricated Guy-Sutures

Mathematical dependence accounting changeability in formation of pores at welding and allows expecting probability of implementation of requirements to the diameter of pores from the experimentally found descriptions of the statistical distributing of amount and diameter of pores on the single area of the weld-fabricated guy-sutures is in-process shown out. For the development of mathematical dependence the static laws of distributing of Veybull and Puasson and rule of probabilities increasing were used. Adequacy of the theoretical dependence was tested by calculation of boundary conditions.