Brjezitskiy V.О.

Selection of Stabilitrons and Modes of the Power Supplies of Reference High-Voltage Installations of the Direct Current

The problem of stabilitrons selecting for use in reference high-voltage installations of a direct current, calculation of a high voltage pulsations are observed at various modes of operation of such installations and definitions of methods of their amplitude decreasing. Problems of support of the stable power supplies of reference installation depending on characteristics of an alternating voltage source selection and the circuit design of this voltage transformation are analyzed.

The Research of Instability of the Amplitude Frequency Characteristic of a High-Voltage Potential Divider Caused by Non-Identical Elements of its High-Voltage Shoulder

Based on repeated measurements, we define real distribution of capacity values of condensers of a high-voltage shoulder of a potential divider with the assumed deviation from the nominal equal to ±5%. We show that the given distribution is asymmetric in relation to rating value (22nF). Renormalization of received distribution was done in relation to the average capacity value of condensers. We investigate the influence of real distribution of condensers capacities on instability of the amplitude frequency characteristic (AFC) of a high-voltage potential divider.

A Study of the Causes of Electric Overlapping of the Middle Phase Insulator String of the Overhead Power Line

Two possible causes of electric overlapping of the middle phase insulator string are taken into consideration: the design defect of cap-and-pin insulator and the tangent tower impact on electric field intensity near insulator string. Experimental and theoretical researches of an electric field of cap-and-pin insulator strings of 330 kV overhead power line were carried out. The insulator string's three-dimentional electric field was calculated using finite element method.

Characteristics of electric field measuring device

This paper considers mathematical expressions for mean values of the electric field tension depending on spatial orientation of the measuring device – a metallic sphere for measuring the tension of electric field. We also obtain component parts of instrumental errors caused by sizes of its aerials.