Galkin O.Yu.

Heat Shock Proteins: Role in Formation of Immune Response

Aim of this work was to analyze the results of scientific studies of biological properties of heat shock proteins of pro- and eukaryotic beings and to identify the mechanisms of their interaction with human immune system. Heat shock proteins have been founded in pro- and eukaryotes, they are conserved molecules produced by cells in response to stress, and are present in intrasellar space as well as in extracellular environment and under normal conditions. The most important biological function of these proteins is chaperon activity.

Development of improved method of Isolation and Purification of human IgE

We aim at creating and evaluating the acceptability of improved methods of isolation of high purity human IgE suitable for use in highly sensitive immuno-analytical methods. To this end, we generalize physicochemical and biological properties of immunoglobulins of different classes and analyze key methodological techniques used for isolation and purification of human IgE (ion exchange chromatography on DEAE-cellulose, gel filtration on Sephadex G-200 and S-300 Sephacryl different options immunoaffinity chromatography).

Development of Improved Method of Obtaining of Fc-fragments of Human IgM

The aim of work was to develop the improved methods of obtaining and allocating Fc-fragments of human IgM. To achieve this goal IgH hydrolysis with subsequent purification (Fс)5μ-fragments was optimized.

Bioethics in Ukraine: from Theory to Practice. Legal, Scientific and Educational Aspects

We provide the insight into the background of bioethics and its differentiation at the present stage. Moreover, we consider the approaches to legal regulation in the field of bioethics at the international level and relevant domestic legislation. We also justify that bioethics should be introduced as an academic discipline for training specialists in biology, biotechnology and pharmacy.

Biotechnological approaches to creating and using liposomal and pegylated drug formulations

We analyze and summarize the data on the approaches to creating the system of drug delivery, based on using liposomal and pegylated drug formulations. We also consider the approaches to utilizing the drug delivery system for creating anticancer, antibacterial preparations and immunomodulators.

Obtaining immunoaffinity sorbent and developing the method of specific purification of human IgM

We develop the scheme of immunoaffinity purification of human IgM. Through experiments performed, we select the monoclonal antibodies and optimize the conditions for synthesis of immunoaffinity matrix. Moreover, the specificity of IgM linking with a sorbent is increased and the conditions of washing the columns and elution of IgM are chosen. Since the developed scheme is highly effective in practice, the degree of purification of the obtained IgM has made up 100 %. It enables using this method for immunoassays and animals immunization.

Obtaining and using of dosage forms based on receptor-mediated endocytosis of biological active substances

This study sums up the data on various approaches to creating targeted drug delivery systems based on the use of receptor-mediated endocytosis. We shed some light on approaches to using targeted drug delivery systems for developing anticancer, antibacterial, and vaccine preparations, as well as in gene therapy.