Economics and production organization

Рortfolio competing stock market model with the bi-variative utility function

This paper studies a competing stock market model with a bi-variative value function under the processing time restriction condition within a bank portfolio. A new version of the associated Markov process method for finding the optimal choice strategy of the most valued stock packet is devised.

Innovation ensuring of competitive science and technology collaboration of Ukraine

We provide the insights into the transition of Ukraine to the innovative economic model. We address the problem of forming organizational and institutional basis of the national innovative system. To that end, we analyze the regulation mechanisms of innovative activities in different countries and strive to outline some strategies of their enhancement in Ukraine.

Challenges of institutional innovation management in the context of challenges of national development at the present stage of globalization

The paper addresses challenges of forming a national innovation system by integrating it into the global innovation system and studies economic categories of “innovation” as an active science and technology dominant of current development and competitive activities. Our study yields theoretical insights into the notion of “innovation” as a phenomenon of socio-economic life. The global financial crisis became an impetus for redefining and updating the national strategies of innovation-based development.

The estimation of export potential of power engineering of Ukraine in context of sustainable development

This paper considers the problems of estimation of power engineering export potential. The evaluation indices, coefficients of coverage, implementation and optimality criteria are offered, which give the methodical bases for the analysis and optimization of export potential of power engineering. The systematization of factors and general description of their influence on export potential is carried out.

The development of the ukrainian stock market as a part of the national investment policy

The paper considers the alternative sources of reproducible processes financing in the real sector of the national economy. Moreover, this paper reveals the economic and historical pre-conditions of devaluation of the national economy’s resource base, studies the current state of the Ukrainian depreciation policy as an economic resource for the Ukrainian stock market development and addresses the problems and future trends of the stock market development as a part of the national investment policy.

Advertising activity optimization of the insurance company from a position of the guaranteed gain

This paper proposes the model of the insurance company activity, which calculates the publicity expenses insurance services. We illustrate that the obtained algorithm allows to calculate the final guaranteed gain of the company on a given set of the insurance firm initial data.

The investigation of a model of spontaneous market economy with diffusion of operating parameters and control function

Using Weidlich’s approach to the interaction of operating parameters, we study the behavior of a dynamical model with a chaotic behavior. Furthermore, we introduce the control function to stabilize national economy.

Methods for estimating the influence of interindustry effect of waste utilization on economic security of the territory

The present study enhances theoretical-and-methodological approaches to estimation of the influence of interindustry effect of waste utilization on economic indicators of production and the level of economic security of the territory. We provide rationale for application of Leontiev-Ford’s model of interindustry ecologic and economic balance. This model allows getting quantitative estimations of the influence of implementing the technologies for utilization of various types of waste.

Investment activities in Ukraine’s regions

This paper studies estimation criteria of investment activities. We propose the estimation procedure of investment activities in Ukraine’s regions. On the basis of this procedure, we analyze ratings dynamics of regions in 2000-2009 and determine reasons of decline of investment appeal of key industrial regions. We also make some prospective recommendations for activation of innovation and investment activities in Ukraine’s regions.

Export power of radioelectronic enterprises of Ukraine

The paper considers components of export power and factors that impact on the development stage of export potential of radioelectronics in Ukraine. We analyze the state, specificity and prospects of radioelectronics advance. We make the comparative analysis of economic efficiency of radioelectronics in Ukraine and world-wide. Applying the criterion of goods groups and world regions, we analyze the state of export potential of Ukrainian enterprises and assess export power of radioelectronic devices.