Shlykov V.V.

Using of Thermal Imaging in the Study of the Temperature Distribution of Myocardial

Qualitative comparative analysis of thermal infarction was conducted using thermograph in the spectral range 8–14 microns. Quantitative assessment of myocardial temperature measurement accuracy is made depending on the ambient temperature. Based on the proposed approach to the analysis of thermal images infarction, researching area of temperature on the surface of the myocardium, which give a clear picture on the distribution of the internal temperature and the level of the microcirculation in the myocardium and vessels, were conducted.

Using of magnetic therapy for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases

Method for operational control and quantitative analysis of magnetic field treatment process dynamics was developed. The calculation of amplitude and phase index of form is offered for the signals of pulse wave, which allows quantitavely compare the degrees of difference of pulse waves, and has a sensitiveness to influence the magnetic field. Method for evaluating the effectiveness of the use of magnetic therapy based on registration and signal processing of pulse wave using the technology of neural networks and calculating the index form for each patient.