Gorobets Yu.I.

Propagation of Spin Wave Through the Anisotropic Boundary of Two Uniaxial Ferromagnets in an External Magnetic Field

This paper represents the investigation of the reflection of bulk spin waves at the interface of two uniaxial ferromagnetic media that propagate at an angle to the interface and their penetration from one ferromagnetic medium to another one. Thereby, the interaction similar to the interaction of two antiferromagnets is taken into account at the boundary interface between two media in an external constant uniform magnetic field. The problem is solved in the formalism of spin density based on equations of Landau–Lifshitz in the absence of dissipation in the system.

Distribution of the Antiferromagnetism Vector for an Isolated Antidot and a System of Remote Antidots in Antiferromagnets

In the paper, an antiferromagnetism vector distribution in an antiferromagnetic film composed of an uniaxial or isotropic two-sublattice antiferromagnet with a set system of circular antidots is investigated. For such a system, the Landau-Lifshitz equation is written and its solution is obtained.

Anomalous One-Particle Properties in the Normal State of a Model with Superconductivity

The main purpose of this study is to investigate the influence of the strong superconducting fluctuations in the d-wave channel on the normal state properties of a simple two-dimensional strongly correlated Fermi-system.

The Electrolyte Movement at Etching and Deposition of Metals Under Inhomogeneous Constant Magnetic Field

This paper considers the features of the electrolyte movement in the surface layer in the processes of etching and deposition of metals at a ferromagnetic electrode in the form of a ball, when it is magnetized in an external inhomogeneous magnetic field of the moderate intensity (∼ 1 kOe). The choice of an electrode in the form of a ball makes it easy to distinguish the effects of magnetic fields from the effects of a different nature due to the equivalence of all points of its surface in the absence of magnetization in this model system.

Biomineralization of Intracellular Biogenic Magnetic Nanoparticles and Their Expected Functions

The purpose of this paper is to analyze the similarity between proteins of MI MTB and organisms genomes of three main kingdoms: bacteria, archea and eukaryotes for revealing the joint genetic basis of biomineralization of intracellular biogenic magnetic nanoparticles (IBMN). In addition, the research objective is to estimate the energy of paramagnetic and efficiently paramagnetic energy of cluster components compared with their thermal motion energy for establishing the physical mechanism of possible influence of nonuniform in a magnetic field of IBMN on cell metabolism.

Electromotive Force at Etching Homogeneous Magnetized Steel Cylinder in the Electrolyte

In this paper, we calculate the electric cell voltage of the physical circuit at etching of ferromagnetic electrode in the form of a cylinder in an electrolyte caused by inhomogeneous distribution of concentration of the paramagnetic corrosion products on the surface of a steel cylinder in an inhomogeneous magnetostatic field. The shape of the electrode was chosen because all points of the cylinder surface are equivalent in this model system in the absence of magnetization and effects of the magnetic field can be easily separated from the effects of a different nature.

Quasi-Equilibrium Heterogeneous States of Electrolyte at Steel Ball Etching in a Magnetic Field

In this paper, research into the formation of interface separating phases (regions) with different magnetic susceptibilities of paramagnetic etching products is carried out in an inhomogeneous magnetic field of a magnetized steel ball at its corrosion. The theoretical model is proposed describing shape, size of this area and distribution of paramagnetic etching product concentration within the region. The characteristic times of formation, existence and destruction of this interface boundary was experimentally identified.

Magnetic trap for localization of microparticles in the liquid stream

This paper considers the model of a magnetic trap, based on the movement method under quickly oscillating magnetic field, offered by Kapitsa. Moreover, we also make the calculations of its implementation and retention of ferromagnetic microparticles in the liquid stream.

Dislocations in ferromagnets in a magnetic field

In the present paper, we discuss the forces that impact on dislocations in ferromagnets caused by change of magnetic anisotropy energies and nonuniform exchange near the core of dislocation under the influence of an external magnetic field. We show that these magnetic forces are of the same order as Peierls’ ones in the area of plastic deformation.

Statistical characteristics of trajectories of diamagnetic unicellular organisms in a magnetic field

Relying on the Boltzmann statistics and hypothesis on the anisotropy of diamagnetic susceptibility in diamagnetic microorganisms, we propose the statistical model for describing alignments of their trajectories in a strong magnetic field. Moreover, we calculate statistical parameters of these trajectories.